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My mobile bra-fitting service is for all boobs! I fit pregnant boobs, post-nursing boobs, trans boobs, big boobs, small boobs, different sized-boobs, boobs on bodies with disabilities, new boobs, augmented boobs… I offer at-home fittings in Berlin and online fittings for my international clients.

My services
The Boob Whisperer – Mobile bra fitting service – Illustration by In The Nud
The Boob Whisperer – Mobile bra fitting service – Illustration by In The Nud

Mind, body & boobs

Wearing the right-sized bra has huge physical and mental health benefits. It can boost your self-confidence, keep your breast tissue healthy, help resolve back and neck pain, transform your posture and improve your everyday comfort levels. My wish for all women is that they find a deeper love for themselves, their boobs, and the bras that support them.

Boob benefits

“Jennifer was a dream to consult with in my second trimester. I felt very comfortable with her, and she cleared up all of my misconceptions about bra buying. We found some great nursing bras together – the comfort and support were well worth the investment!”


About me

Making women feel empowered, comfortable and beautiful through bra fitting is my passion. Based in Berlin, my hope is that by providing a holistic bra-fitting experience in the comfort of your own home, I can pass on my expertise and give you the support you deserve.

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Online Bra Fitting


My online bra fitting makes it possible to support you wherever you are in the world. We’ll have a chat about how the bra you’re wearing is fitting, and guide you through any size changes that may be needed. We’ll talk through styles, bra care, and the best places to buy your bras. Most importantly, you don’t have to take your bra off in front of the camera at any stage of the fitting!

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