Boob benefits

Wearing the right-sized bra has huge physical and mental health benefits. My wish for all women is that they find a deeper love for themselves, their boobs, and the bras that support them.

The Boob Whisperer – Mental health – Illustration by In The Nud

Mental health

It never ceases to amaze me just how many women don’t like their bodies and their boobs. I am positive that this could change if we were taught about proper bra fitting, and if the shops sold a greater range of sizes and styles.

Wearing the the right bra for you (a bra that makes you feel good) can completely change how you feel about yourself (mind, body and boobs)! It can give you the self-confidence boost you’ve been looking for, or didn’t even know you needed! I’m a firm believer that knowledge is power, and empowerment is the key to a happy mind.

Physical health

Wearing the correct cup size is essential to keep your breast tissue healthy. We have so much more breast tissue hiding away than we realise, and it all needs to be enclosed within the cups. Having wires sitting on top of breast tissue day after day can be harmful, not to mention really uncomfortable! It’s not unusual to go up 3 cup sizes when you’re fitted into a new bra. These days bras are made up to an L cup (UK sizing), so don’t be afraid to change your cup size.

The main support of your bra should come from the back band. More often than not, we’re wearing a bra with a back band that’s too loose and therefore can’t give enough support. Wearing the right back size can help resolve back and neck pain, transform your posture and improve/restore your everyday comfort levels!

The Boob Whisperer – Physical health – Illustration by In The Nud
The Boob Whisperer – Looking fab – Illustration by In The Nud

Looking fab!

There’s no denying it – wearing the the right sized bra that supports your boobs properly will make them look fabulous! The support that comes from the back band will make them sit higher, make big boobs look smaller, and even small boobs bigger (I should know)!

If you’re thinking of having a wardrobe makeover, it’s a good idea to start with your bras. Clothes will sit very differently on top of a well-fitting bra. Keep that in mind before throwing out tops that are too small, or spending money on new clothes… You might be pleasantly surprised what you’ll fit into!