Thank you to all my lovely clients for your kind words!

“I’m so glad I stumbled on Jen’s services because not only was she flexible fitting me in for an appointment but working with her was everything I had hoped for the session and more. Jen makes you feel comfortable, answering in detail any questions I had about all aspects of bra buying, sizing and more and I left the session feeling empowered with more tools and knowledge than I could have gathered doing my own research. The in-person session is well worth it and I highly recommend Jen and her wonderful skills to anyone who is curious about their sizing, curious about how sizing changes and what to look for in a comfortable and supportive bra. Thanks Jen!”

Shurouq, at-home fitting 


“I’ve been helped twice already by Jen and it’s been amazing and empowering every single time. The first time I booked an online appointment, needing help with nursing bras after giving birth. Jen was just lovely, had a lot of expertise and was able to recommend very comfortable and practical (and pretty!) nursing bras. The second time I booked an at-home appointment. Jen came equipped with a big selection of bras, plenty of time and patience, making me feel comfortable and secure. Whatever your bra-related needs, I highly recommend Jen’s services. She knows her stuff, has tons of good recommendations that actually will fit you, and really goes the extra mile for her clients. Again, cannot recommend highly enough!”

At-home fitting


“Jen made me feel so at ease in our appointment and I’m blown away by the advice she gave me (and the resulting new bra!). I’ve never felt truly comfortable running, feeling self-conscious with DD+ boobs, especially not in summer in a t-shirt… but thanks to her advice we managed to find the most brilliant solution. She’s caring, works fast to see what you need and so professional.” 

Suzy F, online fitting

“Jen was absolutely fantastic! A true professional who is incredibly knowledgeable and wonderfully kind and supportive (just as a good bra should be). She immediately made me feel incredibly comfortable and taught me so much. I had so many misconceptions about bras and truthfully I feel as if I’ve never had a proper fitting bra until Jen. She has empowered me to feel confident with my bra and my boobs in a way that no one ever has before. I would highly recommend Jen and her amazing service to anyone with breasts.”

Pip M,  at-home fitting, postop breast reduction


“Jennifer is lovely and instructive. The explanation and the testing were just great. I never had any idea of how exactly the band and cup fit when buying a bra and now I feel like a pro. Also, her follow-up email is just amazing because she puts all the necessary information together along with some links on where you can find your perfect bra. I can only recommend her!”

Grasiele, online fitting


“I can’t recommend The Boob Whisperer enough. I have always had tiny boobs which became even tinier (& saggier) after feeding 2 babies. I never thought of them as being a sexy part of my body. I always wore sports bras if I wore any and didn’t really give my boobs any attention. After an hour with Jen, I felt that my boobs were an amazingly sexy part of my body. She taught me so much about the types of bras that would suit my chest and my body type and gave me different options all of which were comfortable, supportive & gorgeous. Jen’s passion to empower women to love their boobs is infectious and she is such a lovely, gentle soul to boot.” 

Lucianne, at-home fitting

“Working with Jen was a really important step for me – she is incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, humorful, and kind. Moving abroad where I didn’t understand bra sizing mixed with the big changes my body went through in the 20 years between teens and mid-thirties left me completely disconnected with my breasts in relation to intimate apparel sizing. With a tendency to wear bras for YEARS, I had not been sized since I was a teen, and that size no longer worked for me at all. My breasts are a bigger size than standard European shops keep in stock. Out of frustration with the inability to get the right information and the fatigue of trying to figure it all out, I took the path of least resistance and just wore sports bras for years – which stopped looking as cute as it once did in my mid-thirties! Jen helped me find the right size and educated me on how a bra is supposed to fit for ideal support and breast health. She went above and beyond by translating it into different sizing systems so I could find a bra in different regions. Plus, and this is not to be underestimated, we had a blast testing bras out!”

Nicole Y, at-home fitting


“Jennifer was a dream to consult with in my second trimester. I felt very comfortable with her, and she cleared up all of my misconceptions about bra buying. We found some great nursing bras together – the comfort and support were well worth the investment!” 

Jana M, at-home fitting


“Thank you so much for all this information. I really enjoyed the session and learned a lot and have been browsing bras all afternoon when I should be working!!! The service was so great and I felt really comfortable and am really looking forward to trying the new sizes! …I really liked the sister size chart and your explanations of how the back band should be doing the hard work, and that you showed your own bra to make it not weird to strip off on the webcam! This was so much more productive than the measure yourself at home instructions I have tried before. I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know!!!” 

Jacqueline, online fitting