My boob blog

As a bra fitter, I LOVE to chat all day long about boobs, bras, and female empowerment. So this is a space for my thoughts & feelings, information, guidance & tips that might help you gain a greater understanding of your body and a deeper love for yourself. Join me as I enter the world of blogging… !

My recent breast lump

Everything was explained to me beforehand, even the sort of noise that the needle would make. They took three samples and then patched me up with a little bandage, and it's left no scar that I can see.

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The Boob Whisperer – Looking fab – Illustration by In The Nud

What’s the deal with “sister-sizing”?

What even is “sister-sizing”?! It’s the key to bra-shopping by yourself! Having this knowledge will change the way you look for bras, and give you that almighty confidence that we all lack when it comes to bra-shopping!

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Why is bra shopping so difficult?’s just perpetuating this toxic cycle of women blaming themselves and their bodies for not fitting into what is shoved down our throats as looking “average” and “normal”.

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More about me

That incredible moment of realising “Oh… it’s the bra that was wrong. Not me.” was an invaluable lesson. The confidence it gave me, the change in how I felt about my boobs with and without a bra on… it was life changing.

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