About me 

I started The Boob Whisperer because I’m really passionate about helping women find that deeper love and empowerment which comes from wearing the right bra.

I still remember that big “Aha!” moment I felt when I got fitted into my correct size for the first time. But most importantly, I remember the self-confidence and self-love that came with it.

Empathy, respect, and support are at the core of what The Boob Whisperer represents. Bra shopping can be such a frustrating and often disheartening process, so I wanted to create a service where women feel supported and heard, and also have a really good time!

Using a holistic approach to bra fitting is so important to me because everyone’s body is unique and I want my service to feel inclusive to all people of any age, gender, boob size or body shape.

I was working as a freelance opera singer in the UK when I got a part-time job as a bra fitter in Bravissimo. (I gush about my time working there in my blog!) This was a job that I’d never done before – nor had ever imagined doing – but a job that has changed my life.

In 2017 I moved to Berlin, and while my main focus was still on my operatic career, my passion for bra fitting never left me. I was still helping friends and colleagues wherever I could! I even got a job as a bra consultant for Fit Analytics (an online apparel-sizing and fitting technology company), who were working on a Bra Finder Sizing Solution for Marks and Spencer.

In Summer 2020 after making a random post about bra-fitting on a Facebook group, I started thinking about how I could do more of this work. And so I decided to take the plunge and start my own business!

“Working with Jen was a really important step for me – she is incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, humorful, and kind. My breasts are a bigger size than standard European shops keep in stock. Out of frustration I wore sports bras for years! Jen helped me find the right size and educated me on how a bra is supposed to fit for ideal support and breast health. She went above and beyond by translating it into different sizing systems so I could find a bra in different regions. Plus, and this is not to be underestimated, we had a blast testing bras out!”

Nicole Y