More about me

I used to wear a 32A / 34A or B. I don’t remember ever being fitted for that size, it was all just trial and error in a department store. So, when I got a part time job at Bravissimo, and walked into their stockroom to see nothing but D+ sizes, I was a little downhearted.

I’ll never forget the smile I got from a colleague when I told her my size, which was shortly followed by a friendly “well let’s just take some of these bras into the changing room and see…”.

Being fitted into a 28E was a pretty big moment for me! I couldn’t get over the difference in shape and fit, but most of all, how I felt about myself wearing that first bra.

Having always had petite boobs I always assumed I needed to wear moulded or padded bras to give me a “womanly shape”, (or if I dared to dream, cleavage)! That incredible moment of realising “Oh… it’s the bra that was wrong. Not me.” was an invaluable lesson. The confidence it gave me, the change in how I felt about my boobs with and without a bra on… it was life changing.

From then on, I was, what some of my friends might call (or have called) evangelical about bra-fitting.

Working in Bravissimo was such a joy. I loved the company and I’ve stayed great friends with many if not all of my colleagues. But what I loved about working there more than anything, was helping other women find that feeling that I had been so lucky to feel. I worked there for 4 years and I never got tired of it. Empowering women emotionally and physically was something that just spoke to me.

Before I left Brighton, I had already researched similar shops in Berlin, hoping that some day my German would be good enough to work there.

Amongst all the singing, nannying, and dog-walking I did when I got here, I was employed as a freelance bra consultant for an online apparel-sizing and fitting technology company. It was so wonderful to be imparting my boob/bra wisdom again, even if I wasn’t physically fitting bras onto women. To know that I could be making things easier for women shopping online was a glorious thing. But it took me another year and a half for the universe to get through to me that empowering women through bra-fitting was something I needed to have in my life. Last summer I wrote a Facebook post about bra-fitting which got a lot of interest, and a friend of mine gently suggested “could you just do this yourself”?

And that was it. The idea was planted, it snowballed pretty quickly, and The Boob Whisperer was born!